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At HME Application Services, we understand the importance of staying compliant in today’s medical industry. This is why we have a dedicated team that works tirelessly to make sure our clients obtain their HME license through the Agency for Healthcare Administration. We deal directly with AHCA on your behalf to make sure obtaining your HME licensure is seamless and easy.


Our streamlined application process cuts down licensure by an average of 6-8 months. Along the way, you will have direct contact with our staff to ensure timely and accurate service is being provided. Let us handle the leg work and organization of the application process. Your time is extremely valuable, cut down your denials by staying compliant and getting your Florida Home Medical Equipment License.

For a one-time fee we will walk you through the entire HME application process from the start until you have the HME License in your hands. As part of your onetime fee the following will be included:


  • 5 TENS units for your initial inventory used upon inspection.
  • A personal application manager who you will have frequent and direct contact with.
  • Unlimited phone support during the entire licensure process.
  • All application and supporting documents organized and finalized.
  • Assistance in creating financial ability to operate for CPA review and signature.
  • Review and resubmission of all omissions
  • Full AHCA inspection preparation including scheduling, inspection documents, and local county health department.

HME Application Process

• Health Care Licensing Application, Home Medical Equipment Provider • Health Care Licensing Application Addendum • Proof of current commercial liability • Proof of current professional liability • Proof that the location meets local zoning requirements • Proof of the applicant’s legal right to occupy the property such as a copy of a lease, rental agreement, contract or deed • Proof that the location meets local zoning requirements • Proof of financial ability to operate • Proof of Accreditation (if applicable)
• This is the letter AHCA sends to initial applicants that need revisions to their paperwork or required documents. Our staff will assist in all revisions and resubmissions.
• Inspection Preparation including all required documents and pre-inspection submissions to local county health departments.


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